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TubeMate YouTube Downloader - Android App. Mit dem "TubeMate YouTube Downloader" laden Sie YouTube-Videos auf Ihr Smartphone. Nun ist parallel zur​. Mit zahlreichen Apps machen Sie Ihr Smartphone oder Tablet noch leistungsfähiger und intelligenter. Wir zeigen Ihnen 50 Top-Apps, mit denen Sie den. Viel Spaß mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spielen, Musik, Filmen, Serien, Büchern und Zeitschriften – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten. Du brauchst App-Spiration? Wir haben eine Auswahl der besten Android-Apps aus allen Bereichen für dich zusammengestellt. Ob Smartphone oder Tablet, ob Fotografie oder Spiele – das ist die Crème de la Crème der Android-Apps!

Best Apps Android

Viel Spaß mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spielen, Musik, Filmen, Serien, Büchern und Zeitschriften – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten. Wir geben Ihnen Tipps zur Nutzung von Android Apps und zeigen, welche Apps nicht auf Ihrem Smartphone fehlen dürfen. ✓ Unsere Empfehlungen hier! Apps, die jedes Android-Smartphone braucht. WIMA, Soundhound und Co. Die besten Apps für Android. Von. From there, you Beste Spielothek in Wittlohe finden ask it whatever you want. If you love to dive into the latest series — or are just curious — Crunchyroll is your Hunter Secrets to anime paradise. Download SMS Organizer 3. StubHub allows you to buy and sell tickets to Beste Spielothek in Klein Ausgedinge finden any event, from sports to concerts. There are other great options like 1Password, Dashlane, Bit Warden, KeepassDroid, and others that are just about as good. It also gives you free online feeds including videos, music, movies, wallpapers, GIFs. Their seamless integration with local Lottoschein AusfГјllen Kosten menus make them one of the most user friendly experiences in food delivery. Welches sind die aktuell beliebtesten Android-Apps in Deutschland? Wie oft wurden die Spiele und Apps im Google Play Store. Apps, die jedes Android-Smartphone braucht. WIMA, Soundhound und Co. Die besten Apps für Android. Von. Wir geben Ihnen Tipps zur Nutzung von Android Apps und zeigen, welche Apps nicht auf Ihrem Smartphone fehlen dürfen. ✓ Unsere Empfehlungen hier!

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20 Android Apps for 2020.

If you prefer journalism that leans toward gonzo, Vice offers its robust library of written and video content in an app that is elegant and easy to navigate.

The app includes estimated reading times, so users with a time-crunch can prioritize articles to suit their schedules. The official app of National Public Radio provides a steady stream of straightforward reporting in both print and audio.

Users can not only listen to news reports but also various programs such as All Things Considered and Radiolab. The content is also top-notch, particularly the incisive political reporting.

The app requires a subscription though. Though it may seem like a no-brainer, the Google News app is a worthwhile recommendation, thanks to its smart curation and diverse news feed.

Nwsty might well be the app for you. Each day, you get six to 10 headlines in your digest that you can quickly and easily read in a matter of only a few minutes.

You can keep up with all the latest tournaments while reading all the most detailed statistics. It brings you all the latest touchdowns, goals, and home runs as they happen.

Having the official ESPN app installed is a no-brainer for any die-hard sports fan. Essentially Vine for a new generation, TikTok is the home of short videos that are amusing, meme-laden, and just generally fit for a certain demographic.

Instagram is ubiquitous in photography now, so you might as well have it on your phone. Owned by Facebook, the social network centered on photos offers great filters and connectivity with others.

Houseparty is a fun way to interact with friends, but you may want to consider turning location data off when using the app.

Free international voice and video calls via your data or Wi-Fi connection are hard to pass up. Facebook now offers its messenger service as a stand-alone app, enabling you to chat with your Facebook friends and anyone in your contacts with the app installed — without having to be signed into Facebook or even have Facebook installed on your phone at all.

Of course, there are some pretty sweet features for kids, like kid-appropriate stickers, GIFs, emojis, and so on.

This cross-platform app lets you send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages for completely free. A must-have for messaging addicts, even if the U.

Zoom has emerged as a darling of the work-from-home and stay-at-home lifestyle, and rightfully so. Connect with friends, family, and co-workers through simple group video chat features, and amplify your collaborating through file sharing, screen sharing, and instant messaging.

You can use filters, decals, and effects to enhance your photos and videos, and take your Snap game to a whole new level. Tinder is the ultimate dating app for mobile users, thanks to its location-centric features.

Your next match could be a swipe right away. This app is geared toward those who are looking for a real relationship, rather than a quick hookup or short fling.

Every day at noon, you get sent a prospective match based on a specific set of criteria. You can Like them or Pass on.

The dating app of choice for gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and queer people of all sorts, Grindr is one of the biggest dating apps around.

Google has a massive database of books to choose from, including all the classics — and you can even buy and play audiobooks too.

Audible is the premier place to consume audiobooks on your Android device. There are thousands of audiobooks on offer, from classics to the most recent hits, and you get your first audiobook for free.

Medium is a high-profile yet minimalist blogging platform that anyone can use. The Tumblr app makes it easy for you to share anything from anywhere.

You can post any kind of content to multiple blogs, save drafts for later, schedule posts, and then join in the discussion.

This app mirrors the functionality of your WordPress blog and helps you create and edit posts. Steam is the biggest and most prolific community and storefront for PC gaming.

Through the Android app, users can access the Steam community, browse the store, and purchase new games. Facebook has decided that now is the perfect time to launch a stand-alone gaming app.

Competing with the like of Twitch and YouTube, Facebook is capitalizing on the rise in game streaming by taking it social for its 2. While the world of delivery apps is vast, Grubhub is one of the best.

Their seamless integration with local restaurant menus make them one of the most user friendly experiences in food delivery.

Play Store. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, then you need to start counting those calories, and this app, from MyFitnessPal, is an easy, accessible, and completely free way to do it.

Find thousands of recipes from your favorite food network chefs and personalities, including recipes featured on their TV shows and specials.

How-to videos and shopping list features will equip you with everything you need to make a great meal. Tracking your macros is an important aspect of fitness.

How long does it take to start getting fit? How about seven minutes? The 7 Minute Workout app is a well-known way to get fit, and it crams a bunch of high-intensity workouts into just seven minutes, making it the perfect way to start, straddle, or end your day.

Zombies, Run! This app runs you through pun intended an engrossing story plot as the world gives way to a zombie apocalypse.

So, you better run! Runtastic is now owned by Adidas, adding an extra element of branding to the app, but it still functions much the same way as before.

Strava is an excellent tracking app that monitors your runs or cycling routes via GPS. It gamifies your cardio workout and pairs your progress with leaderboards, achievements, and challenges, bringing a competitive spirit to your routine.

It also has Android Wear support. You can track your sleep, movement, and snoring, you can play soothing noises to put you to sleep, and it syncs data with quite a few other apps and devices, including Google Fit and Philips HUE smart bulbs.

Yoga is unbelievably powerful. It strengthens your core, increases flexibility and focus, and decreases stress. Plus, it can help you lose weight and stay healthy.

This app will guide you through daily yoga routines of varying difficulty and length, and step-by-step, HD videos showing exactly how to do each pose.

Taking a moment of calm can be crucial for your mental health, and Calm is one of the leading meditation and sleep-promotion apps in the Play Store.

It has guided meditations, breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, sleep stories, and more. With over , video courses taught by expert instructors, you can use Udemy to pick up skills with coding languages, Photoshop, yoga, and even more.

Most courses will cost you money, but there are deals and discounts available for many. With science-based coaching as its backbone, Fabulous — Motivate Me!

Will help instill healthy, positive habits and routines into your life — everything from better sleep, sticking to a morning routine, finding time for creativity, daily meditation, losing weight, and more.

Mint is our favorite money management website, but it also has a terrific app. Mint can keep track of multiple bank accounts or credit cards to help you stay on budget and out of the red.

Looking to save a little more money? Acorns helps you invest by rounding off your credit card or debit purchases to the nearest dollar.

Acorns also offers retirement accounts like a Traditional IRA, so you can start saving for retirement now. Venmo allows users to send money for free.

The transactions can be sent to any bank and occur overnight. This makes paying back your friends simple and quick. Once captured, share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter before striking a secure deal with a host of potential buyers via the built-in chat function.

The app is full-featured and much easier to use than the website. For more picks, see our selection of the best productivity apps for mobile devices.

The best strategy for keeping your data and identity safe is to use good, strong passwords. And there's no better tool than 1Password for keeping those good, strong passwords straight.

The app can store many bits of information — logins to apps and websites, credit cards, bank account info, passports, licenses and more — which you protect with a single master password.

End-to-end encryption along with encryption keys that never leave your Android device keep things secure. You'll find several Android apps that promise powerful automation options, but they're not always so user-friendly.

This top Android app boasts more than different task building blocks that can include actions, event triggers, loops and more; you can arrange those blocks in a flowchart style to easily visualize your creations.

Android has a glut of free file explorer apps that let you manage your device's external storage, ranging from excellent tools to freemium bloatware.

If you're willing to spend a small amount to get an excellent ad-free and bloatware-free app, check out Solid Explorer , a premium file manager that comes packed with features and a clean, hassle-free interface.

Drag-and-drop controls, a multi-tab and multi-pane interface, and support for network and cloud storage and compressed archives cover your basics, while more advanced features like a root explorer, plugin support and batch operations are available for power users.

Google now offers its own alternative for those living in the Android universe. See our guide on how to use Trusted Contacts for more on the app's features.

Torrenting apps are one thing you're not likely to see in iOS for a while. In the Android market, Flud is one of the best Android torrent apps out there.

The latest version sports a clean Material interface and comes with no speed limits for uploads or downloads. It sports staple features such as selective file downloading and prioritization, magnet link support, sequential downloading support and a Wi-Fi only mode.

You can also dig deep into more advanced functions, in case fiddling with router port forwarding is your idea of fun.

The free version is fully functional, while a paid version removes advertisements. Not sure why there's all this fuss about augmented reality?

Vuforia Chalk can show you the value of AR for mobile apps, as it adds a new dimension to tech support. Chalk sets up a video call between two devices, where the person getting advice points their rear camera at whatever they need explained to them, and the other person draws on their own screen as they provide instructions and advice.

The person getting the help sees those doodles live, appearing on their screen, falling on the specific buttons, knobs and other parts of whatever they're looking at, in effect providing live, visual annotations that can help solve problems.

Whether you're heading to the office or a longer family trip, the right apps on your Android phone can help make the journey easier. And a good weather app can make sure you won't get drenched along the way.

For more apps like this, check out our picks for the best travel apps and best weather apps for all mobile devices. Transit is a fantastic aid for commutes, helping plan out the fastest public transport routes to a destination.

The app provides routes that combine numerous transportation methods — such as trains, buses, and bike sharing — while also factoring in short walks to each stop and wait times.

Transit can provide real-time data on arrival times of your bus or train, compare routes, step-by-step navigation, and notifications for service line disruptions.

You can even book an Uber or reserve a car2go from within the app if public transit has failed you. If you're going to be spending time abroad, you can breeze through a few lines with the use of Mobile Passport.

It's a U. Customs and Border Protection-approved app that helps speed you through lengthy immigration lines by letting you submit your passport control and customs declarations from your phone assuming you've got a U.

By replacing paper forms and providing faster processing in a number of major US airports that support the Mobile Passport service, the app will save you a good amount of time in line.

Just remember to bring along your paper passport, as this app isn't a replacement for that. Users enter their origin and target destination, and Skiplagged will show you the cost of a direct flight, as well as any cheaper "hidden city" flights that have your intended destination as a layover.

The caveat? Stick to carry-on luggage, as any checked-in bags will go all the way to the flight's final destination.

Skiplagged also allows you to book hotels, including last-minute deals and special offers. Dark Sky was already a great weather app for your Android phone, but a revamped interface makes it even easier to call up vital weather data.

Joining the very accurate hyperlocal forecast is a precipitation map that details what you can expect in the next hour, along with hourly forecasts.

Severe weather alerts, customizable notifications, and lockscreen weather digests make for a complete weather app.

Need a good workout companion? Or are you more interested in tracking your health? Your Android phone can do either, provided you download the right app.

And if you're particularly interested in staying fit, we've found even more of the best workout apps and best running apps for mobile devices.

While there are a lot of exercise trackers and personal fitness apps out there, few focus on holistic body and mind improvement.

Enter Fabulous , a self-improvement app aimed at upgrading mind and body to help make you feel Based on scientific principles and incubated in Duke's Behavioral Economics Lab, Fabulous starts you out with simple goals like trying to lose weight, get better sleep, or improve your concentration; the app helps with simple exercises, scheduled notifications and activities, and other coaching tools designed to build healthy habits for body and mind.

The app can work with the sensors on your Android device and even with other wearables to monitor the quality of your sleep, finding the optimal time to wake you up in the morning.

It's good to talk to somebody every now and again, even if that someone is a bot. Woebot aims to help you exercise some self-care using techniques that draw on cognitive behavioral therapy.

While it's no substitute for a real-live therapist, Woebot offers tools and reassurance for those times when you're feeling anxious or down, helping you to develop the skills to take care of your mental health.

The app shines with daily mood augmented by regular check-ins so it can spot patterns that might escape the attention of other people — even you.

And the app makers promise that whatever you share with Woebot stays with Woebot. Period Tracker Clue is a useful mobile addition to the tech-savvy woman's reproductive health toolkit.

The app serves as an all-in-one period tracker, allowing you to record period dates, flow heaviness, and menstrual products used; you also can log other factors such as sexual activity, birth control use, cervical fluid, and more.

With that info, the app provides in-depth info about the menstrual cycle, complete with references. Clue also includes a learning algorithm that can help predict your period cycles, PMS, and related fertility data.

Find great shows to stream, podcasts to listen to and things to read with the help of these Android apps.

It helps you to access world music. You would be able to listen to all your music favorites, albums, and also create your own playlists.

So, once you download this phone app for android what is the first thing you want to do? So here you go, select a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or taste in music and enjoys the unmatched sound quality.

Download this top android app for Android. Also featured in: Best Android Launcher Apps. Nova Launcher has very smooth, fast, lightweight UI and tons of customizations.

Plus, there are a number of icon packs available on the Android App Store to modify it even more. Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers on the Android App Store, letting you customize your app-drawer, app-dock, notification badges, icons and folders, and dozens of gestures for easy navigation.

Also featured in: Apps Like Tinder. Creating new connections has become easy through your Android device like never before. Now, Bumble is here to make it easier.

This Android app has simplified the dating process to make it more secure so you can date the right people around. This Android mobile app allows users to swipe through potential connections from around the globe.

The most interesting part of phone app for android is even women have an option to make the first move, into a more meaningful discussion.

Hulu is the one amazing app for Android where you can easily watch TV, and browse the latest online movies and shows.

It is more personalized and you can select between many options of live TV shows, movies, etc. The more you watch the better it gets, you can easily track your favorite shows, movies, etc.

This Android app has been voted one of the most followed and loved streaming libraries. Also featured in: Most Useful Offline Apps.

Google Translate has become a best friend to all the android users who are frequent travelers in foreign countries. Google Translator comes among the top Android apps of all time, as it has the capability to translate at least languages by typing and offline around 59 languages.

Instant camera translation will be translated into 38 languages. HD mode will translate 39 languages while conversation mode will translate 32 languages, handwriting or scribble will translate 93 languages.

Now, this makes it one of the most amazing apps for android. Android users stay rest assured of your passwords. It is more of a master password that handles the rest.

So feel safe with the latest android app and do the shopping, maintain profiles, and much more. Finally, there is one place where all the android users can have the trust to keep all their finances managed.

Mint is a money manager and one of the best apps for android to date when it comes to managing your finances. It brings together the bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments so that you are always informed and can check your expenditures and savings.

Google Assistant, a personal AI assistant, allows users to communicate, navigate and do lots of other stuff. You can use this android mobile app on iOS devices as well, to ask questions, make plans, play games, trigger apps, etc.

This Android app works on nearly every phone with the same experience, independent of the manufacturer. Some devices even support its voice screen unlock feature.

If you are using Google services like Maps, Search or Chrome, you will get personalized results through Google Assistant. SwiftKey keyboard is one of the most trusted keyboards worldwide.

Swiftkey is considered one of the best apps for android when it comes to the keyboard and typing apps because it uses artificial intelligence to learn the writing pattern of the user and predict what the user is intending to type.

It utilizes gesture typing and autocorrects for faster input. It also has an inbuilt GIF search engine with a variety of themes.

It is a brilliant keyboard for bilingual people. Overall, Swiftkey will surely enhance your typing experience and is a must have android application for the device.

This phone app for android has a free PDF reader, editor and converter, along with file-sharing abilities. It also supports data encryption and multi-window mode.

It is easy to use, and also lets you connect to the online drive to save your documents automatically to the cloud platform.

All-in-all, this new Android app is a one complete office app. Notable Features of the must have android app, Google News app:.

It is equipped with a Space Analyzer which helps you remove extra files and free up space on your device. It is one of the best tools for making quick, easy, and powerful photo edits and for creating collages.

Features like instant filters, multiple adjustments and correction options to touch up your photos, and instant sharing on social media, make the Android app stand out among the best.

Download this must have android app for Android. Shazam is a very popular music recognition android app, used by a lot of music lovers, which instantly identifies music playing in your surroundings.

Besides this, you can play songs, buy songs in Google Play Music, add your favorite songs to your Spotify playlists, connect your social media accounts, etc.

This is a must have Android mobile app if you are a musicophile. Groupon is a platform that is available as a web, iOS, and Android app to find coupons and deals in varied categories like electronics, entertainment, fashion, and many more.

Groupon can help you save money by notifying you about the deal on the nearby physical stores and on online stores also.

In some cases, it also redirects you to the company's page where you can find deals and offers, before making a purchase.

Forget the hassle of trying to find and book a hotel. Now, conveniently find any room, hotel, a hostel or home to stay at a single place. With Airbnb, you can search for accommodations, talk to the hosts directly, and book through the app when you are convinced.

With this android app, you can also find travel adventures, new experiences, and new places to visit all around the world. Book everything you need on your trip, or become a host and start earning money, with Airbnb.

Download this best phone app for Android. It helps you to search for contact information, based on a number or name, identify incoming calls, and block calls for you and make sure that you never have to look anywhere else to find the right contact info.

From just a telephone ID community, this new Android app has expanded to other horizons like UPI payments and recharges.

With a community of 25 crore users and spam list updated by millions of users all over the world, Truecaller is the android app you need for safe and efficient communication.

Notable Features of the best free android app, Truecaller app:. With Navigation Gestures, you don't have to wait for the next Android update or buy a new phone to get the latest swipe gesture controls.

Navigation Gestures, one of the best apps for android for customization, brings the same experience to any android device. Swipe right, left, up, down, tap, double-tap, hold or long-press.

There are a lot of ways you can use Navigation Gestures to control your phone. Just customize the way you like it. Notable Features of the must have an app, Navigation Gestures app:.

Join the community of fitness freaks via your Android devices. Runkeeper is one of the best new Android apps to help you track your exercise goals, sweat measurements and gauge your progress.

It has which will let you join the challenges and achieve exercise awards. This latest fitness Android app gives a good idea about the groups that are running, plans your training, routes, etc.

You can access all your android apps through your computer, see any new notifications, calls, missed calls, and much more. But it should at least cut down on the number of apps you need to open to view your data.

Glitch Lab is a photo editor packed full of digital glitch effects. This, at the time of writing, adds 42 extra effects, 37 new parameters for the free effects, increases the output quality, and more.

You can also change the color of the doodle and even make very basic animations by copying multiple doodles and having the app cycle through them.

You can then record and save the results. However, while many of the functions are free, you have to pay to unlock higher resolutions and to remove watermarks when using filters.

The payment gets you other things too, but those are the main things that make the purchase close to essential if you plan to use Pixtica.

Scribbl is a photo editor that lets you add animations to your pictures. The basic app is free, but for either a one-off fee or a monthly subscription you can remove adverts and unlock additional customization options, as well as unlocking the ability to remove the Scribbl watermark from your creations.

If you like the app this is worth paying for, but you can get a good taste of it without spending anything. Photo Watermark does exactly what the name suggests — it lets you add watermarks to photos — but the types of watermarks you can add are quite varied.

Not only can you add custom text as a watermark including changing the font, size and color , you can also use your signature or any other hand-written text as a watermark by writing on the screen.

Whether you want to protect your photo or just log when and where it was taken, there should be a tool here to suit.

This can be an effective way to make it look like water or smoke is moving for example, or simply to add a slightly trippy effect to things that you might expect to be static.

The best ones will be featured on the home page and competition page of the app. The app lets you add audio and visual filters to footage, add text, stickers and other overlays, alter and trim videos frame-by-frame, adjust the speed, add transition effects and a whole lot more.

You can also record videos straight from the KineMaster app. It can feel a little cramped on a phone screen, but otherwise everything works well.

Moment — Pro Camera arguably does though. It gives you full manual control, including RAW shooting, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and focus.

You can double tap any setting to return it to auto or double tap the viewfinder to turn everything back to auto and all the controls are within easy reach.

Fortunately, PhotoDirector is an Android app can fill in the gaps. You can also add text, stickers, frames, change the perspective, mirror the image, cut sections and a whole lot more.

This unlocks additional tools, boosts the output quality and removes adverts. If you want an all-in-one photo editor for Android then LightX Photo Editor is a good choice, not least because most of the features are free.

Best Apps Android Video

20 Android Apps for 2020. Mit ihnen könnt Ihr auch App-Icons Jorge Masvidal mehr ändern. Instagram löschen: So geht's. Und natürlich hat hier auch Google mit Shc Forum Kalender ein Wörtchen mitzureden. Tor Browser - Android App. Wir bieten die offizielle APK Zum Shop. Keine Ahnung, habe die App nach kurzer Zeit wieder deinstalliert. Die Belle Spiele muss demnach nicht mehr Beste Spielothek in Windisch Bockenfeld finden heruntergeladen werden. Grundsätzlich sind bei jeder neu installierten App die Benachrichtigungen aktiviert.

Best Apps Android - Top 10: Die beliebtesten Android-Apps im Google Play Store

Tagesschau Mit der Android App der Tagesschau Android bist du immer top über alle nationalen und internationalen Geschehnisse informiert. In diesem Spiel müsst ihr an einer Drehbank aus Holz verschiedene Objekte drehen. FaceApp Android ist derzeit eine der beliebtesten Foto-Bearbeitungs-Apps überhaupt und wurde speziell für Selfies entwickelt. Waze nutzt Verkehrsdaten, um seine Usern möglichst genau über alle verkehrsrelevanten Aspekte zu informieren und punktet darüber hinaus mit einer übersichtlichen und ansehnlichen Optik. In der kostenpflichtigen Version stehen Ihnen noch mehr Features zur Verfügung. PDF-Reader für Android gesucht? App gegen Radarfallen und Laserpistolen: Die kostenlose Blitzer. Daher haben wir dir eine kleine Auswahl der besten Android-Apps zusammengestellt. Mit der offiziellen Wie Spielt Man Blackjack können Sie nun auch unterwegs im Online-Auktionshaus anbieten und zuschlagen. Ich frage mich wie es sein kann, dass die Redaktion die Apps nicht kennt Wie lassen sich Beste Spielothek in Chene-Bougeries finden vom Smartphone löschen? Ich habe nicht genügend Informationen erhalten. Warum erwähnt ihr nie die DB Regio App? Deezer können Sie in der Gratisversion mit Werbung oder der kostenpflichtigen Premiumversion ohne Werbung nutzen. So wie sich Apps in ihren Funktionen unterscheiden, ist auch die Bedienung oft völlig unterschiedlich. Pull Deutschland Wm Mannschaft Pin. Die Vorab-Version 4. Artikel versenden. Eingaben lassen sich schnell — auch mit Barcode-Scanner — erledigen. Googles Steckenpferd ist die Zusammenarbeit, bei der Dutzende Mitarbeiter gleichzeitig im selben Dokument herumfuhrwerken können. Best Apps Android Zu guter Letzt möchten wir dir noch eine Android-App für den quietschbunten Zeitvertreib vorstellen. Keine einzelne Wetter-App ist wirklich akkurat. Allein, dass Wish "empfohlen" wird, macht den ganzen Artikel unseriös CCleaner - Android Terminator T 500. Adobe Flash Player für Android 2.

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